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Canada (anglais-français)
2022/06/24 20:38 To: 2022/04/26 20:38
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I. Context and rationale for the action

The participation of networks of associations in the process of democratization, promotion, awareness and civic education is a guarantee of peace and stability for the development of a nation.
The presence of international observation missions is seen as supporting partners in consolidating democratic gains and good governance.
The G5 Sahel civil society platform, already present on the African political scene, is working to further assert itself in the defense of human rights, freedom of expression and association, as well as the promotion of participatory development. .
Since the death of Marshal Idris Deby Itno on April 20, 2021, Africa has been shaken by several terrible events which have seen the birth of several coups, namely: the brutal change of regime in Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso.

The stakes being multiple, the brave sons of the nation, the corps of arms and protectors of territorial integrity, immediately took the appropriate measures to guarantee the stability of the nation.
It emerges from this citizen mobilization, the composition of the transitional military councils to lead these countries to transparent and democratic elections.

The upcoming transition period in Africa is an important opportunity to consolidate democratic gains on the one hand and find solutions to the economic challenges and issues related to the various global crises on the other.
However, these socio-political and socio-economic transitions take place in a fragile and volatile context. The political antagonisms, the demonstrations, the demands of the associations, the unions, the security risks, and the potential operational difficulties of these transitional military councils which hold the helm of these countries are all signals that challenge. A slippage in this transitional management process could indeed plunge these countries back into instability with serious consequences.

This risk, exacerbated by political antagonisms, economic sanctions, the various global economic crises that are looming, portends a difficult future for African civil society.
This reality justifies the launch of a call for meetings and consultation of the Organizations of the civil society platform of the G5 Sahel; Initiated by their partner AICA Universelle (a Canadian international organization from the diaspora) with the aim of successfully creating a management committee, to find solutions to the various objectives of civil society in times of crisis.

AICA Universelle, having proven itself in Chad for the establishment of a council for peace and inclusive dialogue, finds it as essential as it is exciting to put this expertise in the hands of the organizations of the G5 Sahel civil society platform.

Aica Universelle wants to be an organization whose independent international mission will be able to reconcile through observation, an objective and credible evaluation of the achievement of the objectives launched within the framework of this meeting of consultation and reflection with the platform of the society. civil society of the G5 Sahel.

Universal AICA, in accordance with its vision of the promotion of peace, dialogue, social justice, democracy and good governance, intends to accompany, as an observer and rapporteur, the organizations of the G5 Sahel platform in this consultation meeting and of thoughts.
The objectives of this meeting are as follows:
Overall objective:
It is a question of establishing a strategy with a view to providing a lasting solution to the problems of:
- Stability,
- Security,
- National reconciliation
- Civic rights and duties of the G5 Sahel civil society platform
- Search for secure and sustainable sources of funding
- Social media management in times of crisis
- The involvement of civil society in the management of food self-sufficiency
- More involvement of women in politics

II. Relevance of national and international action
The political antagonisms existing in the G5 Sahel countries and the G5 Sahel NGO platform need the support of a credible independent observer and rapporteur. The presence of an international observation mission alongside civil society organizations should appear as the will of friendly countries to work for greater stability in the countries and for a favorable business climate.

This is why the AICA Universelle, partner and technical advisor of the G5 Sahel civil society platform, was chosen to carry out this project in collaboration with the networks of civil society associations in three stages.
A first step, the organization of meetings, consultations and reflections with all the networks of


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